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Exceptional Baby Care Advice

Certified Postpartum Doulas at Your Service

Assistance from Certified Postpartum Doulas

You can depend on the professionals at Dial A Doula to address any questions you have about caring for your newborn. Get in touch with our certified staff through phone or video calls and get reliable advice on how to look after your baby.


We can provide you with dependable advice on how to deal with common new baby problems such as reflux, colic, thrush, jaundice and more. Our dedicated professionals can help address many questions regarding all baby and maternal issues!

Calming a fussy baby

Get expert advice from the comfort of your home; contact us today!


Our certified doulas can provide you with information as soon as you have a question. Contact us to learn more.

800-85-DOULA (36852)

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Sleep coaching (assessment and plan)

Baby care basics


Postpartum blues

Postpartum advice

Help with common problems: eg: Colic, Jaundice etc.

Breastfeeding issues